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Contract Services works

Acerta Group currently provide a daily service to over 160 locations nationally, and clean the windows at around 120 commercial sites on a monthly basis.

All our contract locations have employed operatives supported by a Dedicated Management Team.

Key benefits WHEN considering Acerta Group:

  • Experienced, fully-trained EMPLOYED operatives to perform their duties.
  • A Friendly management team providing advice and support at every step.
  • Regular scheduled visits to your business to ensure consistent service delivery and a transparent working relationship.
  • Internal/external electronic audit system
  • Full SOP and RAMS.
  • The best products/materials and support from one of the UK’s largest suppliers who we have worked with for over 15 years.

Competitive pricing. If you have been given a quotation from a recognised supplier, we are happy to review this upon receipt and present our proposal based on "Best Value" supported by our service delivery experience.

Detailed feedback on every visit.