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Bird and pest services

What to expect:

Qualified, experienced and knowledgeable technicians

A Friendly management team at the end of the phone, you will be given advice and support at every step

Regular scheduled visits to your contract usually by the same technician to ensure consistency in delivery and developing knowledge of the environment and the issues faced

Full risk assessments and method statements provided

The best products, materials and support from one of the UK’s largest suppliers of pest control products

Competitive pricing. If you have been given a quotation from a recognised supplier, we are happy to review this upon receipt and present our proposal based on "Best Value" supported by our service delivery experience

Detailed feedback on every visit documented within your Pest Control site visit pack

Bird Management Services:

Bird Management is often more complicated than it looks and with over twenty years’ experience, our technicians can tackle any issue put in-front of them. Whether its netting or spiking, on the roof of a highrise building, or complicated Rope Access, no job is too big or too small.

Our technicians hold all relevant qualificatons including IPAF for the use of MEWP’s and PASMA for erecting scaffold

Bird management services

Pigeon control, removal and disposal

The safe control, removal and disposal of birds using various methods including culling

Complete bird netting system

Nettng installations are highly affective method of removing birds from most areas and installations can be crated to best suit your conditions and location.


Avishock is a highly affective method of deterring birds and offers minimum visibility with maximum efficiency.


The Installation of spiking on buildings as part of a bird management system.

Guano removal and decontamination

The safe removal of guano and decontamination of the affected area.

Rodent and insect control

Rat and mouse control

The safe removal and disposal of all types of rodents using modern methods and products

Insect control

The control and removal of insects, cockroaches, flies, fleas, ants & bedbugs

Wasps and bees

The safe destruction and removal of Wasp and Bees nests

Squirrel and mole control

The safe removal and disposal of Squirrels and Moles using humane traps poisons and culling.


Safe treatment for spiders such as the false widows


About Acerta What we do best

Acerta are a workplace service provider, with a comprehensive range of integrated services for each individual client.

Acerta are experts in Facilities Management, from property services, special projects through to contract services is one company, one solution for all your Facilities

The modern workplace is a second home and a successful delivery of multiple support services depends on intelligent management, true integration and flexibility.

For this reason, we self-deliver all of our integrated Facilities Management services through our multi-skilled team to ensure optimum efficiency.

Acerta currently provide Facilities Management services to a growing portfolio for the commercial and industrial sectors.


What We Offer All for your peace of mind

Small Works
One off Services

  • Detail/Deep Cleaning-Internal/External-High Access

  • Workshop Detail Cleaning

  • Exterior/Interior Cladding Clean

  • Floor Maintenance Programs

  • Fence - Gate Erection

  • Gutter Inspection Reports

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Roof leaks-inspection Reports and Repairs

  • Painting and Decorating- Internal

  • External Cladding

  • Plumbing Services

  • Electrical Works

  • Heating/Gas Works

  • Block Paving/Tarmac Cleaning

  • Roof Leaks

  • Gutter inspection

  • Under exterior/interior cladding cleans


  • Turnkey Project Planning - Internal/External Projects

  • Internal Fit-Out Projects - Single Contact Solution

  • Building Works-Electrical - Mechanical-Gas - Heating Services

  • Pre-Planned Maintenance Programs - Electrical, Heating, Gas

  • Gutter Inspection Reports/Cleaning and Maintenance Repairs

  • Roof Inspection Reports/Repairs and Maintenance

  • Flooring Solutions - Supply and Installation Repairs

  • Groundworks

  • Building Supply and Install Projects/Commercial Building Services

  • Window - Door Replacement


  • Daily Contract Cleaning

  • Daily Host and Housekeeping

  • Bird Management and Pest Control

  • Window Cleaning - Reach and Wash and Traditional Methods

  • Consumables Supply and Program Management

  • Washroom Services

  • Floor Machinery Rental


Mission Statement

Driven by our personnel and business values, acerta is committed to quality and excellence. Maintaining the highest standards in everything we do is simply our way of doing business. The acerta team understand that the way you choose your service partners is not a decision you make lightly, and therefore it is not a responsibility we take lightly. Our passion to exceed expectation in customer service ensures that we deliver the highest quality customer experience through our multi-skilled team, supported by transparent communication.


Our works What we did


Contact us Keep in touch

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  • Email
  • admin@acertagroup.com

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